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About us

BianyiBrand which is a famous Brand around the world! Up to now,We have 2 product lines:

Product 1:BianyiGifts

The main product is Gifts,Gift Set,Notebook Etc... Please visit: www.BianyiGifts.com

Product 2:BianyiOrganizer

The main product are Organizer for the Home,Hotel,Office,Personal,Etc...   Please visit: www.BianyiOganzier.com

Please feel free to visit our both website respectively to know us more. Because of our excellent service,very good price and the high quality of products, our products are selling well in domestic of China and oversea market.

If interesting of our products,contact us. Thank you!



Contact: Sam Zhang

Phone: +86-13570261593

Tel: +86-13570261593

Email: Sales@BianyiBrand.com

Add: No.109,North Yanbu Dadao,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province, China